Pixels, Prompts and Power-Suits: Experimenting with Phot.ai, Gen.ai and Runway

We were tasked with exploring the possibility of an AI-led campaign for International Women’s Day. We wanted to create aspirations with AI. So, we got a little aspirational with AI.

We started with a simple image. We then imported this image into Phot.ai and selected the portions of the costume that we wanted to modify. We began with prompts like “aluminum robocop” to get a metallic power-suit and got Image A as the result. As we moved ahead, we used prompts like “cyborg, humanoid with neon,” which were more relevant to our imagination.

Image A
Image B

We weren’t too happy with the changes in the arms and their placement. So we experimented a little more, retaining the original placement of the arms and adding a bit of metal to her uniform. Next, we wanted to change the background. Little did we know, it’s all about keywords. If you need to make an AI model understand your language, you need to understand its language first.

We struggled with the correct keywords. We prompted the AI with “coal mining fields in the future,” and it gave us:

What we wanted was to show a futuristic background of a coal mine that looked cyberpunk and aspirational. Soon we figured out the correct prompt to give and used words like “utopia” and “futuristic” and things started to fall into place.

We realized that to get the desired output, we might have to use another AI tool, so we moved to Photoshop Gen.ai for the utopian neon-like look.

Safe to say, we were finally happy with the image and decided to animate it using Runway. We highlighted some specific parts for light movement, added a flickering effect in the background, and gave some camera movement. For the reveal effect, we created a depth map of the final image using Runway.

Here’s what the final output looked like:

With image generation AI tools, it is imperative to be clear and extra specific about what you want, along with using the correct keywords. In the end, this project taught us the importance of precision in communication with AI tools. It also showcased the exciting potential of AI in creating compelling and aspirational imagery.

The future of creative campaigns in here, and it’s brighter than ever with AI.

Arunima Sharma

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