Futures, the first AI Accelerator.

We help clients navigate the impact — and opportunity — of Generative AI. 

We counsel cutting-edge healthcare innovators, blue-chip professional services firms, global consumer brands and non-profit organizations alike on advancing their unique Gen AI journeys — strategically, ethically and empathetically. 

Our work spans orientation and training, pilot development, culture change and consulting.


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Students Wanted.

We’re seeking Fellows who bring curiosity and a discovery mindset to every assignment, who are sharp, motivated, and excited about the possibilities for our work.

Meeting the AI moment.

Gen AI tools have astounding potential to elevate versus automate what we do. How do we assemble the right mix of platforms? How do we responsibly use tools? Given the pace of their increasing power, how do we see around corners?

These questions aren’t for the future. AI is here and now.


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The Network Effect.

This is an unprecedented moment. AI requires that we explore together, learn together, and create together. There is no de facto expert. No single source of all knowing expertise. So we assemble learning communities to discover applications and implications of Generative AI

These span academic media labs, VCs, product studios and non-profits. The rich mix of viewpoints, combining human-centric insights with technology-driven potential, helps prepare us and our clients for a new media future.



Marketers and communicators are facing a tsunami of change in Generative AI, says Deb Roy, Director for MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication. 

Check out his take on why every company should have a media lab. 

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The Crew.

Ours is a mix of usual and unusual suspects. We’ve assembled a team of explorers and builders. The crew includes seasoned creative techs. Tech-informed client advisors. Educators. Recent-grad inventor-artists. Writer-researchers. And more.

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