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We are starting to enter the first false spring in New York, so it felt like the perfect time to splurge on a spring-y bouquet. While I love flowers, especially really fragrant ones, I’m not an expert. I wanted to get a bouquet that would not only look beautiful but smell great. Instead of spending way too much time researching all the different fragrant flowers and their best pairings, I decided to ask AI, Jasper AI specifically. What is great about Jasper AI chat is that it works like ChatGPT but provides sources and up to date information.

Jasper AI is a platform that contains many applications such as content creation, campaign creation, chat, and an art generation service. I am currently testing Jasper AI with a free trial, so I mostly used the chat function.

Jasper AI’s chat with sources linked in chat results
An example of Jasper AI having up-to-date information and results with sources

For my mini flower research project, I first used the chat option to find out the best smelling flowers for a bouquet. Jasper AI quickly gave me a nice list but I’m not a florist so I’m not sure which flowers pair well together.

Next, I then asked Jasper AI to tell me, from that list, which flowers go best together? Jasper AI then gave me a few pairings and the descriptions of their scent profiles. While the fragrancy of a bouquet is very important to me, I also want to make sure I love the way it looks.

Finally, to understand what these bouquets could look like, I turned to another AI platform, Midjourney. Midjourney is a very detailed AI image generation tool that runs on the platform Discord.

In Midjourney, I inserted 4 prompts of the 4 pairing suggestions Jasper AI gave me to compare the looks of the different bouquets. I chose Midjourney for the visual aspect as Midjourney’s image generation results come in groups of 4 so I could quickly see the different levels of variation these types of bouquets could be styled as. Here are my results:

Prompt: a bouquet of Rose, Lily, and Hyacinth
Prompt: a bouquet of Freesia, Lavender, and Jasmine
Prompt: a bouquet of Peony, Gardenia, and Tuberose
Prompt: a bouquet of Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, and Honeysuckle

Overall, I think I’m going to go with a Freesia, Lavender, and Jasmine bouquet due to its relaxing scent profile and its calming color scheme and design. You can use AI platforms creatively like this to create a customized bouquet for a loved one, yourself or just for fun! Happy almost spring.

And here is my final AI bouquet!

Alli Keeler

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