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Student Uses AI To Decipher Ancient Greco-Roman Scroll, Wins $40K Prize


Student Uses Ai to Decipher Ancient Greco-roman Scroll, Wins $40k Prize

YouTube will let musicians and actors request takedowns of their deepfakes


Youtube Will Let Musicians and Actors Request Takedowns of Their Deepfakes

How Warner Music France used AI to revive the voice of legendary artist Edith Piaf for an upcoming biopic


How Warner Music France Used Ai to Revive the Voice of Legendary Artist Edith Piaf for an Upcoming Biopic

Chatbots just showed scientists how to make social media less toxic


Chatbots Just Showed Scientists How to Make Social Media Less Toxic

What is Nightshade – the new tool allowing artists to ‘poison’ AI models?


What is Nightshade – the New Tool Allowing Artists to ‘poison’ Ai Models?

Future of TV Briefing: The TV ad business shrank in the third quarter of 2023


Future of Tv Briefing: the Tv Ad Business Shrank in the Third Quarter of 2023

Google is suing AI scammers and fake DMCA takedown submitters


Google is Suing Ai Scammers and Fake Dmca Takedown Submitters

How To Access Google’s ‘Hidden’ Generative AI Image Creation Tool Now


How to Access Google’s ‘hidden’ Generative Ai Image Creation Tool Now

Zelros Introduces The Insurance Copilot™: Empower Your Agents with Insurance-Specialized Gen AI


Zelros Introduces the Insurance Copilot™: Empower Your Agents with Insurance-specialized Gen Ai

Nvidia announces new HGX H200 computing platform, with advanced memory to handle AI workloads


Nvidia Announces New Hgx H200 Computing Platform, with Advanced Memory to Handle Ai Workloads

Kubernetes’ Tim Hockin on a decade of dominance and the future of AI in open source


Kubernetes’ Tim Hockin on a Decade of Dominance and the Future of Ai in Open Source

Introducing the first AI-based product describer tailored for the fashion industry


Introducing the First Ai-based Product Describer Tailored for the Fashion Industry

Google Photos’ AI Magic Editor won’t change pictures of IDs, receipts, faces, or bodies


Google Photos’ Ai Magic Editor Won’t Change Pictures of Ids, Receipts, Faces, or Bodies

The AI Revolution Makes Trust More Important Than Ever


The Ai Revolution Makes Trust More Important Than Ever

Upgraded version of Siri with AI capabilities rumored to debut at WWDC 2024


Upgraded Version of Siri with Ai Capabilities Rumored to Debut at Wwdc 2024

AI-Generated Voice Deepfakes are Being Used in Scams


Ai-generated Voice Deepfakes Are Being Used in Scams

The Answer To Why Emotionally Worded Prompts Can Goose Generative AI Into Better Answers And How To Spur A Decidedly Positive Rise Out Of AI


The Answer to Why Emotionally Worded Prompts Can Goose Generative Ai into Better Answers and How to Spur a Decidedly Positive Rise out of Ai

Sega and an AI startup have created tech that uses AI to generate voxel monsters


Sega and an Ai Startup Have Created Tech That Uses Ai to Generate Voxel Monsters

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