Seeking nominations for the top creative agencies harnessing generative AI

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Business Insider is seeking nominations for a list showcasing the creative agencies that have mastered generative AI technologies and are using them to produce consumer-facing work.
Please submit your nominations using this form.
Over the last year, ad agencies have taken big steps familiarizing themselves with generative AI tools — and they’ve become much more adept at harnessing the nascent technology for their clients’ creative work. Even still, the tech continues to evolve with eye-popping results, as seen by OpenAI’s new Sora video generation tool.
While many agencies have built generative AI into their behind-the-scenes workflows, we’re looking for agencies, both big and small, that have used it to develop the copy and art that consumers have seen. These agencies should have already helped create campaigns using generative AI that are in the wild.
We are not looking for agencies who use AI to optimize online ad placements, use it mostly for internal processes, or do not have work to show that incorporates generative AI. In other words: We want loads of examples of existing campaigns using generative AI.
We plan to publish the list in April. 
Please submit your nominations before 5 p.m. ET March 22 by clicking here.
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