Anthropic Launches ‘Tool Use’ For AI Chatbot Claude, Giving ‘Agent’ Capabilities

Claude AI chatbot by Anthropic has received a new feature that allows users to create customized AI assistants. Through "Tool Use" which is also known as "function calling," it connects to any external API of your choice, enabling the creation of a wide range of personalized solutions.

Versatile AI Assistants for Various Tasks
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Anthropic’s AI chatbot Claude has received a new feature that will allow it to do several tasks including reading emails, answering customers’ queries, and more.

While the term "AI agents" may not be universally liked, it aptly describes the functionality offered by this new tool. 

For example, Claude can analyze data to generate personalized product recommendations based on a user’s purchase history or provide swift responses to customer inquiries. This can be beneficial to businesses that require real-time technical support or order status trackers. Creating such an assistant requires API access and basic coding knowledge.

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Anthropic Brings Improved Capabilities with Visual Data
The tool’s capabilities extend to working with images, facilitating applications that analyze visual data. 

Anthropic provides an example of a virtual interior design consultant who can process room images and offer personalized decor suggestions. This expands the potential uses of the tool, making it versatile for various industries.

How Much is This AI Assistant Feature?
AI assistant feature is accessible through Anthropic’s Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Vertex AI. According to The Verge, pricing is determined by the volume of text Claude processes, measured in "tokens." Typically, 1,000 tokens equal approximately 750 words. 

During the beta phase, most users preferred Anthropic’s fastest and most affordable option, Haiku, which costs around 25 cents per million input tokens and $1.25 per million output tokens.

Beta Testing For Claude AI 
Since April, Anthropic has been beta-testing the Claude tool with a few thousand customers. 

According to project lead Dianne Penn, this testing phase has shown promising results, with various startups creating innovative solutions. One notable example is Study Fetch, which developed a personalized AI tutor named Spark.E using this tool.

AI Assistants Are the Future
AI assistants, or agents, are rapidly becoming a significant focus in technology. At Google I/O, Google showcased numerous ways its AI can handle tasks like shopping and searching. 

Similarly, OpenAI is developing a voice assistant that can respond in real time and interact with the world around you. In one demo, it even suggested a change of clothes before a job interview.

Empowering Users with Custom AI Solutions
Anthropic’s latest release empowers users to create diverse AI assistants that are tailored to their specific needs and independent of larger companies like Google and OpenAI. This use of AI technology opens up new possibilities for personalized and efficient solutions in various fields.

Earlier this month, the Claude 3 became available for iPhone users. Almost two weeks later, Anthropic released it in Europe.

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