Amazon introduces new AI tool for sellers to help them create product listings

Amazon is introducing a new generative AI feature for sellers on its website. The AI feature assists users in generating Amazon product pages for their items by leveraging sellers’ existing online presence, saving them significant time and effort. According to the company, the new feature helps its sellers reduce the time it takes to bring products from different websites onto Amazon.

Previously, sellers had to manually create product listings, which required a lot of effort. But now Amazon’s generative AI can create these product titles, descriptions, and other details based on the information available on the seller’s website. The information generated by AI is expected to be more accurate and clear than listings created manually.

Amazon notes that many of its sellers already have detailed product listings on their own websites, so with AI, the company aims to help them by simply providing a URL to their existing product page, and Amazon’s AI will automatically parse the information to create a high-quality listing for the Amazon store.

"We’re now making it even easier for sellers to accomplish this with the ability to transform their existing product pages on other websites into rich product listings tailored to Amazon’s store, with far less effort," says Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon’s VP of worldwide selling partner experience, in a blog post.

To use the AI to create a product page, Amazon states that users must be the real owner of the website and must have the ownership rights or a licence to use the link’s contents. If anyone chooses to paste a URL to create the product page from someone else’s website, Amazon warns them of potential legal action if it discovers that the seller misrepresented their ownership of the website.

Meanwhile, regarding the availability of the feature, the AI product generator is currently rolling out to US sellers. It will be available to sellers worldwide in the coming months.

In recent months, Amazon has been introducing a variety of AI tools that cater to both sellers and shoppers. For sellers, Amazon offers AI tools for photo generation and product listing text creation. On the shopper side, Amazon introduced Rufus, an AI chatbot capable of answering buyer queries, suggesting similar products, and even engaging in playful banter, such as making jokes or composing songs about items.

Westmoreland further reveals that Amazon sellers have enthusiastically embraced the company’s AI tools. For instance, nearly 80 per cent of users have accepted AI-generated product listings with minimal human editing for Amazon’s AI-powered product text generation service.

Furthermore, Amazon’s commitment to generative AI extends across the entire organisation. Their cloud service, AWS, hosts various AI models and has also introduced its own text-to-image generator. AWS plays a key role in powering the AI capabilities on Amazon’s e-commerce platform.

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