New AI scam in town! Woman gets call of daughter’s arrest: ‘The voice sounded exactly like my…’

Imagine receiving a frantic phone call, a voice laced with urgency claiming your child is in trouble with the law. Panic sets in, and before you can think clearly, a smooth-talking "officer" lays out a scenario that strains credulity. This isn’t a scene ripped from a movie; it’s the latest weapon in the arsenal of sophisticated scammers – artificial intelligence.

This tactic, which is called voice cloning scam, was used on a woman who took to X to share her entire ordeal. 

The woman, who goes by the name Kaveri on X received a call, with the caller identifying himself as a police officer. The voice, likely synthesized using AI technology, claimed her daughter had been arrested.

Panic surged through the woman as the fake cop spun a story, weaving in details like the fabricated charges and the supposed need for immediate financial aid to secure her daughter’s release.

In a lengthy post on X, Kaveri wrote, “I got a call about an hour ago from an unknown number. I unusually do not respond to unknown numbers but I don’t know what made me answer this call. On the other end was a guy who said he was a cop and asked me if I knew where my daughter K is."

The police officer informed Kaveri that her daughter had been arrested on charges of allegedly filming an MLA’s son in a compromising situation along with three friends and attempting to blackmail him.

"The man sounded rough and rude throughout the call. To my horror, a recording was played to me "mumma mujhe bacha lo, mumma mujhe bacha lo.." (Mom, save me, save me) The voice sounded exactly like my daughters but that’s not the way she would have spoken," the mother wrote on X. 

Upon realising that it was a scam, she promptly activated call recording and requested to speak with her daughter.

Kaveri revealed that the imposter posing as a cop demanded money in exchange for her daughter’s release, claiming they would drop the case altogether. Refusing to succumb to the extortion attempt, she insisted on speaking to her daughter, causing the scammer to become angry and rude.

Unfazed, Kaveri calmly responded, "Ok, take her away then," followed by laughter, prompting the scammer to abruptly end the call. She emphasized that the entire scheme utilized artificial intelligence to replicate her daughter’s voice.

"I asked him to let me speak to my daughter properly. He got all angry and rude. We are taking her away then, he said. Ok, take her away then, I told him. And I laughed. He cut the call," she concluded. Kaveri also shared the number of the scammer.

Kaveri’s post quickly garnered widespread attention on social media, prompting numerous users to share their own encounters with similar scams in the comment section.

"Omg that’s so scary. These scams are terrifying," a user wrote. Another one commented, "to prevent this kind of scam, some people started using passwords that only their family members would know, the person with AI voice won’t know this, I removed my videos, audio from the internet for the same reason." "Uff this is very scary. I’m assuming they also know when your daughter is not actually with you. How scary is that! They know your number, your name, your daughter’s name, and some possible info about her whereabouts," a user commented.


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