This AI-powered travel assistant can save you time—and money

No matter where you may be—including the very real likelihood of “a perpetual state of confusion,” as is the case for me—the start of March means the start of the spring travel season.

And whether you’ve got a work or personal trip coming up soon or you’re just dreaming of a getaway at some theoretical point in the future, good golly, have I got a great new tool for you to tuck away in your metaphorical luggage.

It’s an AI-powered travel companion that’ll give you ideas for any trip imaginable and provide some helpful starting points for exploring any area you might be mulling over.

And it couldn’t be much easier to use.

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Your new travel-planning companion
My friend and fellow traveler, allow me to introduce you to Roam Around.

➜ Roam Around is a purely web-based tool with a simple single prompt: Where are you going—and when?

Roam Around asks one simple question, to start: “Where to?”
⌚ It’ll take you about 10 seconds to type that info in—and from there, all that’s left is to see what Roam Around shows you.

The site serves up a detailed itinerary for any destination and dates you feed it, including suggested activities and nearby dining options for your mornings, afternoons, and evenings as well as an on-demand chatbot that can offer up personalized hotel recommendations for those same areas.

You can get both general and personalized recommendations from Roam Around’s travel-planning tool.
Within any day’s suggestions, you can modify or save specific activities and occasionally even make direct ticket purchases and reservations to take advantage of savings it surfaces.

If you choose to modify the plans, the site asks you to provide a plain-text prompt explaining what sort of things you want to do on that day. Seconds later, it generates a whole new set of custom recommendations based on your specific preferences.

Roam Around can cater its planning to you—if you ask nicely.
And while its recommendations may or may not be exactly up your alley, by and large, it works surprisingly well and can create suggestions for (almost) any random itch you might be having.

Roam Around’s updated planning based on my specific request.
Well, I’ll be. That sounds downright delightful.

At the very least, Roam Around is a helpful starting point to get inspiration and start your own day-to-day planning. And if you’re lucky, it might just give you a fully-fleshed-out itinerary that’s shockingly spot-on for your own dumpling dreams.

Roam Around is completely web-based and should work in any browser, on any kind of device you’re using.The service itself is completely free and seems to make money on a combination of advertising and affiliate commissions, if you end up clicking through on any specific links.You don’t have to share any data for the site’s basic functions, though the customization and saving options do require you to create an account and sign in.
Happy traveling!

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