You can soon send your AI avatar to attend meetings on your behalf

Imagine having a busy day filled with meetings, but instead of attending them all yourself, you could send a digital version of you. This could soon be possible thanks to AI avatars, according to Sam Liang, the CEO of Otter, the company behind the live transcription app.The idea came to him when he found himself juggling between 10 meetings a day.

Liang thinks that by the end of this year, his company could create a prototype of these AI avatars, according to a Business Insider report. These avatars would be trained to act and talk just like you by using recordings of your voice and notes from your meetings.

To make AI avatars act like real people, they need to learn from recorded meeting notes and voice data of the people they represent, Liang said.This helps them talk and behave just like their human counterparts. Once they gather enough info, these avatars should be able to speak like the real person, join in conversations, and even answer questions just like them.

The idea is that these digital versions of you could handle most of the meeting stuff, leaving you with more time for creative tasks. They could even step in for you during meetings while you’re on vacation.

But making these AI avatars behave just like real people isn’t easy. Liang says there are lots of technical and social challenges to overcome. For example, they need to learn the right way to interact in meetings and understand when to talk and when to listen. Plus, it’s hard to teach them to show emotions like a real person would.

Even though it’s tough, Liang believes the technology is almost there. Some companies have already made AI chatbots that can mimic famous people. This shows that it’s possible to create AI that acts like someone else.

But while AI avatars could make meetings more efficient, Liang still thinks regular meetings are important. He says they’re a good way for people to share information and ideas.

So, while AI avatars might soon be a big part of meetings, they won’t replace the real thing completely. Instead, they’ll work alongside human interaction to make meetings even better.

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