Shop with Google AI launches for select users

Shop with Google AI is now available to select users.

The feature enables consumers to generate AI images of products they’re searching – for example “red dress”. Then, they can pick the image they like best, and Google will serve them similar-looking products.

Why we care. This new shopping experience is a chance for brands to reach high-value consumers. To make the most of it, ensure your product images are high-quality and optimized.

First spotted. The rollout of Shop with Google AI was first flagged on X by Digital Marketing Lead Shameem Adhikarath. He posted:

Schwartz commented that Shop with Google AI worked effectively when simple prompts were entered, such as “blue flower dress”:

However, when Schwartz entered more complex product descriptions, such as  “blue robot dress with dinosaurs”, Google’s generative AI feature wasn’t quite so helpful:

Deep dive. Read Google’s November announcement in full for more information.

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