Tinder Is Totally Cool With Your AI Dating Assistant

A man programmed ChatGPT to find his wife on Tinder, and it turns out that Tinder is fine with you doing the same.
This Giant Company Owns Almost Every Dating App

“As outlined in the principles, Tinder and Match Group believe AI is a great tool that we believe will make dating better,” said a Tinder spokesperson. “During our last earnings call, the CEO of Match Group shared his vision for the future of dating and how we are exploring several AI-driven features on the post-match experience.”

Did it just get hot in here? Not only are Match Group’s dating apps okay with you using ChatGPT, but Tinder, Hinge, and Match are all exploring AI-generated responses for their dating apps, according to Match Group’s CEO Bernard Kim on January’s earnings call. Tinder says AI could soon write you a conversation starter, or even suggest in-person date ideas based on aligning interests. Kim himself is really excited about the possibility of using AI on dating apps

“I believe that AI is existential to the future of Match Group and our business,” Kim said on the earnings call. “I envision AI to be felt through the entire experience, influencing everything from profile creation to matching to connecting for dates. Literally everything.”

Soon, you’ll be able to kiss those awkward DMs goodbye because Tinder says many of these changes are coming in 2024. Dating apps are realizing that AI chatbots could save us from those painfully awkward conversations by having them on our behalf.
So, is the future of dating apps just a bunch of AI assistants talking to each other? That may already be the reality of many dating apps. You might be talking with an AI chatbot on Tinder, Hinge, or Match, and just don’t know it.
Tens of thousands of people are already using custom AI chatbots from OpenAI’s GPT Store to write their dating app responses. RizzGPT, Better Online Dating Texts, and Tinder Conversation Starter are just some of the GPTs people are using to write their dating app responses.

It seems Match Group would like to make some of these tools itself. Dating experts largely say that using an AI chatbot to formulate your responses is not the worst thing in the world, as long as you make sure the messages are authentic. However, it sure feels weird that you might be online dating a piece of software, programmed to talk like a human.

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