Report: Galaxy Buds Users to Get 2 Exciting AI Features Soon

Samsung is about to elevate the experience for Galaxy Buds users with two exciting AI features on the horizon.

According to a recent report from Android Authority, Live Translation and Interpretation capabilities are making their way to select Galaxy Buds models. 

This update underscores Samsung’s commitment to enhancing its ecosystem, making seamless communication a reality for users worldwide.

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Samsung enhances Galaxy Buds with Live Translation & Interpretation, promoting seamless communication across languages.

Two AI Features for the Galaxy Buds
The upcoming features, Live Translation and Interpretation, are set to transform how users interact with their Galaxy Buds. Another report tells us that this feature enables real-time translation of calls in local languages, breaking down language barriers and facilitating smooth communication regardless of linguistic differences. 

Meanwhile, Interpretation takes it further by allowing two-way, face-to-face translations directly through the Galaxy Buds interface. Imagine conversing with someone in a different language, effortlessly understanding and responding, all through your earbuds.

These features are not just limited to the latest Samsung flagship smartphones. The update will be available for Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy Buds FE, as long as they are paired with the Galaxy S24 series smartphones. This compatibility ensures that a wide range of users can benefit from the new AI capabilities, fostering inclusivity and accessibility within the Galaxy ecosystem.

With these new features, users can enjoy uninterrupted conversations with translated voices instantly accessible via their Galaxy S24 smartphones. 

Communicating across languages without interruptions adds a new layer of convenience and utility to the Galaxy Buds lineup, solidifying their position as must-have accessories for Samsung device owners.

The update also enhances the overall audio experience of Galaxy Buds, complementing their already impressive features. The premium Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offers 24-bit hi-fi audio, immersive 360-degree sound, and intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), while the Galaxy Buds FE delivers Samsung’s signature sound with powerful bass and advanced ANC alongside Ambient Sound functionality. 

The Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Deal 
For those interested in upgrading their audio experience, Amazon is offering a fantastic deal on the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. 

With a 53% discount, users can grab these cutting-edge earbuds for just $106.99, down from the original price of $229.99. 

Many positive reviews highlight the Galaxy Buds Pro 2’s design and noise-canceling capabilities as being truly impressive. They block out ambient noise effectively, making them ideal for quiet work sessions or immersive music experiences.

In Other News
Apple has released a new version of its iCloud app for Windows, aimed at iPhone and iPad users without Macs. The redesigned app aims to simplify the onboarding process and provide a consistent experience for Windows 10 and 11 users.

With a focus on user convenience, the new iCloud app has a better setup experience, making onboarding easier for Windows users. 

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