Adobe Uses AI In Newest Audio Tool That Separates Different Sounds in a Recording

Adobe is reportedly working on Project Sound Lift, as per the Verge, that will help users, through AI, to distinguish between components such as the sound of someone’s voice and applause, thus lifting different layers of sound within a single recording. The revolutionary audio tool was showcased in a demo in the report, wherein ease proved to be the main selling point of the newest Adobe AI-powered tool. 

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The audio tool proved relatively simple, as per the demo, where users must first load an audio file into the program and choose the sounds they wish the filter to remove. Applause, laughing, alarms, speech, crowds, traffic, typing, and more are just a few options available.

Project Sound Lift will automatically identify each one and generate separate files with the background noise and the recording the user wants to focus on, such as an instrument or a voice. 

Users may import and modify each track separately in Adobe Premiere Pro, such as adjusting the background noise level while improving the primary track’s clarity.  

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Adobe’s Project Sound Lift as a Work-In-Progress
The Verge clarified, however, that Adobe is still referring to Project Sound Lift as one of its “Sneak” previews, implying that the feature is still being worked on, and users will have to wait longer to access the audio separating tool.

According to Verge, this is the same type of technology used to restore and release the first Beatles song in almost 30 years, “Now and Then.” It used AI to separate overpowering piano music from John Lennon’s vocals and restore the sound of Lennon’s voice from a cassette tape recording.  Adobe’s newest sneak peek of the audio tool was made in Adobe’s MAX Sneak, where engineers from Adobe provide an early glimpse at possible future technologies that could or might not be included in the next generations of Adobe products. 

Adobe’s announcement of Project Sound Lift follows its October 12 MAX Sneak event that saw a multitude of sneak peeks at various projects that could be available for users in the future. 

Adobe’s Previous MAX Sneak
11 Projects were announced during Adobe’s October Session of MAX Sneak, specifically Projects Fast Fill, Draw & Delight, Neo, Scene Change, Prim Rose, Glyph Ease, Poseable, Res Up, Dub Dub Dub, Stardust, and See Through were the total line up of the event.

Adobe’s blog post described the event and its projects as something that “[leverages] generative AI, providing creators with innovative new tools spanning multiple mediums, including photo, video, audio, 3D and design, that can take creativity to a whole new level.”

Nerds Chalk states that some of the projects seem more finished than others, such as Draw & Delight, Res Up, Poseable, and Glyph Ease, and such features could be the first to be launched in 2024. 

Even with their revolutionary qualities, projects like Stardust, Fast Fill, Neo, Dub Dub Dub, Scene Change, and See Through could still be several months off. The report stated, however, that everything depends on how far advanced these projects are in each of its development cycles.  

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