Zelros Introduces The Insurance Copilot™: Empower Your Agents with Insurance-Specialized Gen AI

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In the highly challenging world of insurance, staying ahead is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Global challenges such as inflation and natural disasters make cost optimization crucial. Additionally, emerging technological trends like Global Generative AI are reshaping the Insurance Market, expected to reach a value of $5,543.1 Mn by 2032, soaring from $346.3 Mn in 2022.* While delivering top-tier service to policyholders, a pressing issue surfaces—the scarcity of skilled insurance professionals, fueled by phenomena like “the great resignation.”

Enter the solution: The Insurance Copilot.

The term “Copilot” isn’t a novelty, given Microsoft’s recent introduction of 365 Copilot and Google’s counterpart, Duet AI.

But what sets Zelros apart?

The Zelros Copilot supports specifically insurance agents, financial advisors, and customer service reps who bear the weight of customer interactions daily. Using Generative AI and our hands-on experience, Zelros Copilot aims to help agents make quick, informed decisions, boosting productivity and, ultimately, serving policyholders better.

So, what’s the deal with The Insurance Copilot?

Zelros introduces a Gen AI real-time decision support in its Copilot: The strength of unified structured and unstructured data to gain insights effortlessly

Zelros revolutionizes support for agents and advisors by providing contextual and expert assistance in discovering client needs, offering personalized recommendations, decreasing information search time, centralizing all the intelligence dynamically, and ensuring information accuracy. Here’s what you can expect from this new feature:

Insurance expertise

Zelros doesn’t just provide answers like a large language model-based chatbot would do, it dynamically empowers agents with the necessary expertise. Zelros synthesizes insights, documents, and user feedback to provide not only answers but also proposed actions. Moreover, our long-lasting strategic partnership with Microsoft allows us to leverage their resources, expertise, and access to cutting-edge LLMs.


In the insurance industry, knowledge is power. Zelros is dynamic and adapts whenever new relevant data comes in. It prevents the pitfalls of unreliable and outdated information.

Centralized actions for seamless operation

Zelros centralizes all of your intelligence. It generates personalized answers from multiple data sources such as third-party data providers, APIs, documents, contracts, individual information, policy data, claims data… Whether it’s searching for or sharing knowledge, this feature ensures a cohesive and collaborative workflow, alleviating the burden of intensive processes for agents and advisors.

Efficiency and accuracy

Employees spend an average of 3.6 hours a day searching for information. Zelros allows agents and advisors to decrease the time spent to find relevant information to focus on what truly matters—customer experience, risk management and operational efficiency. Additionally searching for the right answers within a vast pool of documentation can lead to incorrect responses or violations of regulatory policies. Zelros improves the ability to provide accurate and relevant information in response to agent queries, reducing errors, miscommunications and staying compliant with regulated policies.

Zelros enhances its Marketplace with additional relevant scenarios and use cases, harnessing the power of Gen AI: A better understanding of individuals and business owners to boost agents’ efficiency and skills with data-driven decisions.

Zelros marketplace is becoming even more diverse and robust for your agents to develop and enhance their skills!

You can now import business system connectors to bring your data together, client profile enrichment & scenarios to uncover full client insights and GenAI productivity use cases and personalized recommendations for better optimization and advice directly from Zelros Insurance Marketplace!

Agents can use the marketplace to:

Enhance their skills:

Master Risk Assessment
Elevate Agent Upskilling
Perfect Cross-sell/Upsell Techniques
Increase Client Knowledge with KYC proficiency

Benefit from Gen AI Productivity Use Cases such as:

Dynamic next best question to ask policyholders to uncover their needs
Personalized and relevant emails, ensuring compliance with legal requirements
Personalized arguments to overcome clients’ objections and address their concerns more effectively
Voice analysis and summary

Unlock the power of +7000 ready to use and real-time recommendations

Available for P&C, life and SMB insurance, covering +20 insurance products, every recommendation is designed to equip agents with essential information, empowering them to safeguard and proactively prevent policyholders using impactful insights and persuasive arguments.

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