AI-Generated Voice Deepfakes are Being Used in Scams

Weber Shandwick - Futures (generated by ai)

Images and information from social media (and other online sources) are being used by AI to create “create convincing and personalized scam calls, texts and emails,” writes the Palm Beach Post, citing a warning from Florida’s consumer watchdog agency.
In an older version of the scam, a caller would greet “Grandma” or “Grandpa” before saying, “It’s me — I know I sound funny because I have a cold,” and then make an urgent plea for money to get out of a scrap… Using audio and video clips found online, the con artist can clone the voice of a family member to make the call more compelling… Listen for clues to a con like incorrect or mispronounced names or unfamiliar terms of endearment. The pressure to act quickly and to keep the call a secret are all timeless hallmarks of a scam, the agency notes. Detailed instructions on how to deliver funds in a form that is hard to recover — wired funds, a gift card or pay app — are also indications of a ripoff in the making. The consumer watchdog agency suggests this precaution. “Encourage family members to set their social media pages to private.” Thanks to long-time Slashdot reader SonicSpike for sharing the article.

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