Sega and an AI startup have created tech that uses AI to generate voxel monsters

Sega has helped to created a tool that uses AI to automatically generate monsters made out of voxels.
The joint project was developed by Sega and Eques, an AI startup company that was formed at the University of Tokyo.
It makes use of AI technology to let players describe the sort of monster they’re thinking of, which will then be generated.
The monsters are be made of voxels, which are essentially 3D pixels made out of cubes, resulting in an art style that looks similar to Minecraft.
In example GIFs provided, a user enters “bear, black, scary” in Japanese and the software generates a small voxel bear.
Similarly, the prompt “yellow fox, long ears” leads to the generation of a creature of a matching description.
The project will be demonstrated at the JIKEI COM Game and eSports Show in Japan this weekend.
Although the project is relatively basic, Sega and Eques say the tech is expected to be used for the creation of user-generated content (UGC) in the future.
In a statement, Sega said: “The importance of UGC is increasing in games and the metaverse, and although the threshold for creating UGC is decreasing, it is still too high for the average user.
“Recently, there have been remarkable advances in generative AI technology, and the purpose of this project was to verify whether it is possible to simplify the creation of UGC using this technology, and to explore the possibility of using this technology in games.”

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