Dall-E 3Arrives In Microsoft Paint With New Cocreator Feature

Dall-E 3Arrives In Microsoft Paint With New Cocreator FeatureImage by Jim Clyde MongeFor many decades, one of the most popular Microsoft apps that has remained unchanged is Paint. Today, the company has made a major update to the application with the addition of a new feature called Cocreator.
Image by Jim Clyde MongeWhat is Cocreator?Cocreator is a new feature in Microsoft Paint that enables users to create AI-generated images using an AI model known as DALL-E. With Cocreator, users can generate images from text descriptions, allowing them to visualize and create anything from mythical creatures to scenic landscapes within the Paint application.
How to get accessCocreator in Paint’s rollout is initially limited to a waitlist. Go to the Microsoft Store and get the latest Paint update to see the Cocreator button. There should be a “join waitlist” button.
You will receive an email from Microsoft after a day or two.
Image by Jim Clyde MongeClick on the “Try Paint Cocreator now” button to enable the feature on the Paint app.
Here’s an exampleBring up the Cocreator menu by clicking the Cocreator button. In the description box, describe the image you want to create.
Image by Jim Clyde MongeHere’s an example: I wanted to see an image of a cat walking in the woods.
Prompt: A cat walking in the woods
Image by Jim Clyde MongeYou can choose the style of the final image by selecting one of these options:
CharcoalInk SketchWatercolor
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