LinkedIn’s new AI-powered job search: Now AI can help you find jobs easily; check how

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and now it is combining the powers of AI to help you find jobs. The company has announced the launch of a new AI-powered Premium experience. This new feature is only available to the Premium subscribers. It aims to provide a more personalised experience for users, helping them find opportunities and assist them in their job searches. The new AI can analyse job positions to tell you what are your chances of getting it. 

AI to analyse data


The new AI-powered feature will analyse users’ feed posts and filter them into actionable takeaways tailored specifically for each user. It will go through long articles, videos, and posts, suggesting how the information can be beneficial. This will essentially reduce the time it takes to sift through data.


Moreover, LinkedIn’s new AI uses Microsoft Bing to provide more real-time information on trending topics. Users can expect responses in the form of expert articles and discussions from LinkedIn and across the web.

AI-Powered Job Searches


LinkedIn claims that more than 140 job applications are submitted every second on LinkedIn. This can make the job search process can be daunting. LinkedIn’s new job seeker experience aims to make this process much easier. It will help users assess if a particular job is a good fit for them and identify the best way to position themselves for it. Researching roles, companies, and even preparing for interviews will become part of an interaction on LinkedIn.

Other AI Enhancements

The new AI-powered Premium experience also includes:

Tailored AI-powered profile writing suggestions that understand your career context to help you stand out.
Engaging with hiring managers using AI-powered messaging suggestions that capture attention and interest.
Adding a Custom button that serves as a personalized call to action to your profile.

These benefits will roll out for Premium subscribers at no additional cost. The subscription will continue to offer other  Premium advantages, including 20,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses, real-time insights into job applicant pools, salary benchmarks and more.

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