Instagram testing new feature that will allow your friends to add photos to your post

Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, is testing a new feature that will allow users to add photos and videos to their friend’s posts. The feature was announced during a broadcast on the platform by Instagram head Adam Mosseri. An ‘Add to post’ button will appear in the bottom left corner of a post, allowing users to add videos and photos to the post. However, the final control of the post will remain with the original user who uploaded the post. Read on to know more about this upcoming feature.

Instagram new feature lets you add photos to others’ posts

As mentioned already, you might soon be able to add photos or videos to other users’ posts via the new feature. However, the photo/video added by you will have to be approved by the user whom the post originally belongs to. Currently, a carousel post on Instagram can consist of a maximum of 10 photos or videos. With this feature enabled, it is possible that the platform might increase this limit. However, nothing has been confirmed by the company as of now.

In addition to this, the platform is also pondering over the idea of a feature that will allow users to have a short or looping video as their profile picture in Notes. Not much has been revealed about these features yet and we will find out more as time passes by. Reports claim that Instagram is hoping to boost user engagement through such features.

Instagram posts used to train Meta’s AI

Last month, Meta launched its own AI assistant during the Connect launch event. Shortly after its launch, a Reuters report had said that the AI assistant had been trained using publicly available Facebook and Instagram posts. Meta’s President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, as per the report, said that the company’s recently-launched AI assistant largely trained on data publicly available on Facebook and Instagram. This means that the photos and videos that were shared by the users publicly were used to train Meta AI. The images and videos shared only with close friends weren’t used by the company.

Clegg also added that Meta didn’t use any private chats of its users for training the chatbot. The company also took steps to filter private details from public datasets used for training.

“We’ve tried to exclude datasets that have a heavy preponderance of personal information,” Clegg said and added that the “vast majority” of the data used by Meta for training was publicly available. LinkedIn, for instance, was not used by Meta as it contained private content of users.

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