Users Can Now Create Stunning Highlight Videos with AI on Google Photos

Google Photos has introduced a remarkable new feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enable users to craft captivating highlight videos effortlessly, Android Authority reports.

This exciting feature simplifies the process of selecting and arranging the most cherished moments from your photo collection into a beautiful video presentation, complete with background music that perfectly syncs with the visuals.

Simple and Intuitive Usage
The new Highlight Video feature is designed to make your visual storytelling more engaging. 

To get started, users can follow a few straightforward steps within the Google Photos app, available on both Android and iOS devices. 

First, open Google Photos, navigate to your gallery, and click on the plus icon. From the options that appear, select “Highlight Video.”

Within this intuitive interface, the magic of AI unfolds. You can begin by searching for the key elements you want to include in your video. 

These elements can be people, places, or activities captured in your photo library. Google Photos will then utilize its AI capabilities to identify the most relevant clips and photos and weave them together into a cohesive narrative.

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Google Photos introduces Highlight Video, using AI to create stunning video presentations from users’ photos, while allowing personalization. Expanding creative features enhance visual storytelling.

Tailored Personalization
One of the most impressive aspects of Highlight Video is its adaptability. While AI takes the lead in generating your video, you retain the freedom to personalize it further. 

You can trim or rearrange the clips selected by Google Photos to ensure that your video tells the story you envision. 

Additionally, you have the option to modify the background music to align with your preferences, should the AI’s selection not quite match your desired atmosphere.

Expanded Creative Features
Alongside the introduction of Highlight Video, Google is also enhancing its top menu within the Photos app. This update includes the ability to create new albums, collages, cinematic photos, and animations. 

This comprehensive suite of creative tools provides users with a wide range of options for crafting and sharing visual memories with family and friends.

Release and Availability
The rollout of Highlight Video in Google Photos began recently on Android and iOS devices, offering users a dynamic new way to compile their cherished memories into polished videos with minimal effort. It is important to note that updates may vary by region and device.

As part of the evolving Google Photos ecosystem, this feature marks another milestone in the platform’s commitment to enhancing the way users engage with their visual memories. 

Earlier this year, Google Photos introduced features such as the locked folder, which expanded to iOS and the web, further bolstering the service’s utility.

In Other News
A wave of alarming Google notifications had earlier caught up Android smartphones, particularly those with Samsung apps, as the tech giant wrongly labeled these as ”harmful.” 

The notification was sent by Google’s malware-scanning tool, Play Protect, which analyzes the app for harmful apps and alerts users to delete them.

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